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Consultive SalesTraining

This course is designed to show you how to successfully sell against your competition using a Consultive Selling process. Jeff will review what has made the field sales reps of Fortune 500 companies so successful. He will train you to find out:

• The best ways to contact your prospect and then what specifically to do

• How to ensure that you have plenty of time to make your presentation

• Should your organization have a BDM and a SAM

• How to set it up so that NO becomes a good word

• What the 22 minute rule is

• The importance of role playing

• If you should leave your appointment or stay if you feel you are getting nowhere..."Why am I here?"

• How to find out the customers craziness or PAINS

• How to ask the right questions by going from broad to specific

• How to play the question game – THIS IS KEY TO CONSULTIVE SELLING

• Up Front Contracts

• Should you leave your pricing behind

• How to find out if you are being used as an unpaid consultant

Your sales job will be just a tough as it was before but now you are armed with the proper and specific tools you need to make sure that you don’t waste your time and walk away with the proper information or P.O. each and every time.

This program is designed to give you a very specific review on how to compete and what specific next steps you need to take to give yourself or your sales organization the tools they need to be highly successful.

Consultive Customer Service Training

This course reviews with your team how to successfully navigate the difficult job of dealing with your customers daily.


We will cover:

  • What is currently holding you back from being more effective?

  • What is "Active Listening"?

  • The Question Game

  • How to ask better questions

  • How to find your customers PAINS

  • Dealing with angry and/or abusive customers

  • How to effective handle objections

  • Sales skills you must know!

  • Should you call or send an email?

  • Is "delighting" your customer enough?

  • How can I make sure this customer does not have to call back?

  • Understanding the personality of the person you are taking to

  • How to taylor your approach to each personality type

  • How to anticipate customer questions

  • What drives customer loyalty

Time Management Training


We all have issues with not having enough time to get things done. This course is designed to give the participants the necessary skills to manage their time more effective.

This course will cover;

• How much time do you really have?

• Understanding how your Paradigm’s affect your time management

• Big Rocks and Pebbles

• Does it make a difference if I am “Right Brained” or “Left Brained”?

• Reviewing traditional Time Management styles

• Time Management traps

• How do I take all of this information and make it work for me?

•The "One Thing"

This is a very interactive session. We will have individual work sessions and group work session. If you don’t have the time to get better at what you do, this class is for you!

Training the Trainer


This course is designed to give your corporate trainer the skills necessary to effectively and successfully train your employees on any of the following;

• Consultive Selling

• Benefit/Feature Training

• General Training sessions

• Sales mentoring

• Public Speaking

• Facilitation

The major focus of this intensive training is understanding how to engage and connect with your audience quickly, using Jeff Morrow’s unique and easy training style.


As a group we will discover:

• The importance of role playing

• How to ask the “right questions”

• How to take your audience down and bring them back up again

• Reading your audience

• What is your current style? What is working and not working?

• How to handle trouble makers in your group.

• How to use your voice effectively

• Doing your homework before you start training

• Reading body Language

• Never asking the group to do something that you would not do yourself.

• Reversing the role play

• Falling on the sword

• Should you video tape or not

• The 3 Tell em's

Management Training

Being a Manager – Part 1

This program walks the newly promoted manager through the steps necessary to be successful quickly. It will cover the following areas in-depth;

•Managing is a state of mind – not just a title

•The 7 strategic components of being a manager

•Understanding who you work for

•The traps you can get caught in as a manager

•Are you leading the parade or supporting them from behind?

•How to say NO without devastating them

•Rewarding and Celebrating success

•Becoming a 3 way listener

•The A, B, C’s of being a manager

If you are new to management or just need some new thoughts and ideas, this course is for you.

Being a Manager, Part 2 – Working with upper Management

This program is designed to work with existing managers and teach them how to effectively work with upper management.


This course covers;

•Why you were promoted from the upper management perspective

•The traps you can fall into when reporting back to upper management

•Why NO is a good word

•The A, B, C’s of being a manager

•Providing solutions – not more problems

•Trading “Monkeys”

•Using clarifying statements

•Learning and playing the question game

•The 7 strategic components of being a manager

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