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About Jeff Morrow

Jeff is an experienced and well-trained speaker. He has over 35 years’ experience in the Sales, Sales Management and Sales Training field, has delivered keynotes to thousands of people and put on countless conferences and training seminars. He has worked for Avery Dennison, Staples, Label Impressions, Office Max and currently has his own business in Southern California, G2M Coach. He has worked in numerous industries and continues consulting with small to medium sized businesses. Jeff has trained thousands of sales people and conducted Train the Trainer with 3M. Additionally, he is currently a Training Consultant for California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC)


Jeff was a wish granter and speaker for The Make-A-Wish Foundation and served on the Board of Directors for MLC from the Heart.


Jeff resides in Southern California

G2M Details


  • 4 years VP Sales & Sustainability

  • 16 years in Sales management with multi-billion dollar companies, Office Max, Staples and Avery Dennison.

  • 3 years as General Manager with Pacific Artist Materials,

  • 10 years as Business owner

Sales Training

  • 20 years in Business-to-Business training and sales development with 3 multi-billion dollar companies, Office Max, Staples and Avery Dennison.

  • Train the Trainer for 3M (manufacturer) in 2015

  • Webinars on Succession Planning, Digital Printing for Profit, Bids and Contracts, Overcoming Objections and Closing, Priced and Consultive Selling, Product Overview, Selling Against Staples

  • Recognized expert on “Consultive Sales Training”

  • Trained Office Max sales reps on The Challenger Sales process

  • Trained Avery Dennison & Office Max customer service reps on customer excellence and best practices

  • Trained all sales reps for Staples Business Advantage Western Region for 5 years on “Staples Way”, an industry leading selling style that generated $65M.

  • Coached and trained hundreds of classes at the individual, corporate and national sales meeting level. All material was adapted to the learning style of each group for maximum retention.

  • Coached hundreds of employees and customers in sales and management building skills

  • Key speaker at: ITEX 2011 National Convention, FSEA, Beauty Industry West, TriMega National Sales Meetings 2009, 2010 & 2011

Sustainability Training

  • VP Sales & Sustainability at Label Impressions

  • Key speaker at University of Clemson (on Beyond Reduce, Reuse & Recycle), Boise Environmental Summit in Chicago, Sustainability in Printing, Sustainability in Packaging

  • Recognized expert on training companies and individuals to go green

  • Webinars on The Challenges of going Green

  • Guided Label Impressions and Reliable Container to get FSC certification

  • Professional Expert – Teacher at Advanced Technology and Education Park; Green 101, Energy Management

Curriculum Development

  • Developed “Consultive Selling”, a program that focuses on asking questions behind answers using a broad to specific training technique

  • Developer of “The Question Game” – a program to teach sales reps and customer service how to ask better questions

  • Developer of “Virtual Manager Program” – a program that offers small to medium sized businesses monthly sales management over the phone, web & e-mail.

  • Developed a unique retail sales training program that focuses on increasing revenue and customer retention using the retail stores existing sales people called “The Retail Way”.

  • Developed “The Challenges of going Green”, Green 101 and Green 101 for Retail

  • Developed a procedures manual for new account acquisition and retention at Staples.

  • One of the creators of “The Staples Way”, a Consultative approach to selling.

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